Pet Shop Boys - The Complete Singles Collection (1984-1991)


1.«West End Girls» (de Please, 1986) Chris Lowe, Neil Tennant 3:59
2.«Love Comes Quickly» (de Please, 1986) Stephen Hague, Lowe, Tennant 4:17
3.«Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)» (de Please, 1986) Lowe, Tennant 3:36
4.«Suburbia» (de Please, 1986) Lowe, Tennant 4:03
5.«It's a Sin» (de Actually, 1987) Lowe, Tennant 4:59
6.«What Have I Done to Deserve This?» (de Actually, 1987) Lowe, Tennant, Allee Willis 4:19
7.«Rent» (de Actually, 1987) Lowe, Tennant 3:32
8.«Always on My Mind» (de Introspective, 1988) Johnny Christopher, Mark James, Wayne Carson Thompson 3:53
9.«Heart» (de Actually, 1987) Lowe, Tennant 4:16
10.«Domino Dancing» (de Introspective, 1988) Lowe, Tennant 4:17
11.«Left to My Own Devices» (de Introspective, 1988) Lowe, Tennant 4:46
12.«It's Alright» (de Introspective, 1988) Sterling Void 4:19
13.«So Hard» (de Behaviour, 1990) Lowe, Tennant 3:58
14.«Being Boring» (de Behaviour, 1990) Lowe, Tennant 4:50
15.«Where the Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You)»   Adam Clayton, Bono, Larry Mullen Jr., The Edge, Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio 4:30
16.«Jealousy» (de Behaviour, 1990) Lowe, Tennant 4:15
17.«DJ Culture» (Tema inédito) Lowe, Tennant 4:13
18.«Was It Worth It?» (Tema inédito) Lowe, Tennant 4:22


Neil Francis Tennant: vocalista, tecladista y guitarrista
Christopher Sean Lowe: tecladista


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