Santana - Caravanserai (1972)


1. Eternal Caravan of Reincarnation
2. Waves Within
3. Look Up (To See What's Coming Down)
4. Just in Time to See the Sun
5. Song of the Wind
6. All the Love of the Universe
7. Future Primitive
8. Stone Flower
9. Fuente del Ritmo
10. Every Step of the Way


Carlos Santana: lead guitar, percussion, vocal
Jose Chepito Areas: timbales, congas, bongos
James Mingo Lewis: congas, percussion, vocal, bongos, acoustic piano
Douglas Rauch: bass, guitar
Gregg Rolie: organ, piano
Tom Rutley: acoustic bass
Neal Schon: guitar
Mike Shrieve: drums
Hadley Caliman: saxophone introduction (1)
Tom Coster: electric piano (9)
Wendy Haas: piano
Tom Harrel: orchestral arrangement (10)
Armando Peraza: percussion, bongos
Rico Reyes: vocal
Douglas Rodriguez: guitar (2)
Lenny White: castanets (6)