The Human League - Dare (1981)


1."The Things That Dreams Are Made Of" (Oakey, Wright) – 4:14
2."Open Your Heart" (Callis, Oakey) – 3:53
3."The Sound of the Crowd" (Burden, Oakey) – 3:56
4."Darkness" (Callis, Wright) – 3:56
5."Do or Die" (Burden, Oakey) – 5:25
6."Get Carter" (Budd) – 1:02
7."I Am the Law" (Oakey, Wright) – 4:09
8."Seconds” (Callis, Oakey, Wright) – 4:58
9."Love Action (I Believe in Love)” (Burden, Oakey) – 4:58
10."Don't You Want Me” (Callis, Oakey, Wright) – 3:56


Ian Burden: Synthesizer
Jo Callis: Synthesizer
Joanne Catherall: Vocals
Philip Oakey: Vocals & Synthesizer
Susanne Sulley: Vocals
Philip Adrian Wright: Synthesizer & Slides


Martin Rushent: Programming
Dave Allen: Programming, assistant engineer
Recorded at: Genetic Sound Studios, Reading, Berkshire, UK
Cover Design: by Philip Oakey, Philip Adrian Wright, Ken Ansell


Casio M10
Casio VL-1
Korg 770
Korg Delta
Linn LM-1
Roland Jupiter-4
Roland MC-8
Roland System 700
Yamaha CS-15